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Visions of Mana / Unannounced AAA Projects, Technical Combat Designer @ NetEase, Ouka Studio

Updated: Mar 28

Visions of Mana


Ouka Studio(桜花スタジオ) is a console game dev studio established by NetEase, led by a

Japanese director, located in Guangzhou, China, and Shibuya, Tokyo. I worked as a technical combat designer at Ouka Studio and participated in the development of Visions of Mana and two unannounced AAA console projects.


Project Overview

Project Type

Commercial projects, console AAA games

Game Genera

Action Fighting Game, Action Role-Playing Game


Technical Combat Designer

Core Team Size



October 2020 ~ July 2021

Game Engine

Unreal Engine


SVN, Google Suite, Microsoft Office


Project Description

I participated in the development of the Visions of Mana and two unannounced projects, all of which are console AAA games. The projects were developed using the Unreal Engine and included action fighting games and action role-playing games. Among these, I have been involved in the development of two projects from inception. Further information is pending release.



  • Weapon/Skill Design and Implementation: Based on the Lead Combat Designer's design proposal, I led and drove the design and implementation of a weapon's entire set of skills. I collaborated with animators, visual effects artists, and engineers to complete the related functions. I wrote detailed design documents, maintained related parameters, and wrote some UE blueprints for this.

  • 3C/Character Feature Design: I designed some 3C-related character features, wrote related documents, collaborated intensely with engineers to promote the development of features, and maintained the documents and parameter configuration in the engine.

  • Combat Feature Design and Implementation: I designed some combat features that improved the combat experience of players unfamiliar with action games so they can also enjoy the game.

  • Combat System Framework Design: I participated in the design of some early-stage combat system frameworks and wrote related documents.

  • Character/Skill Design: Based on the design proposal, I participated in the design and implementation of a character's skill set and collaborated with animators, technical artists, and engineers to promote the development of related functions.

  • UE Workflow Improvement: I proposed and implemented some measures to improve the team's work efficiency in the Unreal Engine based on the cooperation between engineers and designers in the team.

  • Motion Capture Directing: Based on the design proposal, I participated in directing the performance of combat actions for motion capture actors.


More Information

As the project is currently unannounced, it's unable to provide more detailed information at this time. Please stay tuned to the official website of Ouka Studio for updates.

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