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Mobile Minigame Journey in the Scroll, Lead Game Designer @ NetEase


During my new employee training period at NetEase, I participated in the development of the project as a lead gameplay designer.


Project Overview

Project Type

Mobile Minigame

Game Genera

Multiplayer Casual Game, Pinball Racing Game.


Lead Gameplay Designer

Core Team Size



July 2020 ~ September 2020

Game Engine



SVN, Microsoft Office, Shader graph


Project Description

This project was part of the NetEase new employee training program and was developed by ten other new employees and me.

The game is a multiplayer casual game that combines pinball and racing gameplay. Players take on the role of a painter and compete with other players on the same canvas stage by using pinballs to splash ink.



  • Gameplay and System Design: I was responsible for designing the core gameplay and related systems of the game.

  • Physics Parameter Adjustment: I was responsible for adjusting the physics parameters in the project to provide players with a good feeling of control.

  • Shader Implementation: I implemented a shader related to the gameplay in the game using Shader Graph.


More Information

Trailer and Gameplay Footage

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