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Onmyoji: The Card Game, Intern Game Designer @ NetEase


Onmyoji: The Card Game is an exquisite Japanese-style duel card game. I participated in the development of this project as an intern game designer.


Project Overview

Project Type

Commercial project, multi-platform mobile game.

Game Genera

Collectible Card Game, Strategy Game, Card Duel Game.


Intern Game Designer

Core Team Size



June 2019 ~ August 2019

Game Engine

Internal engine


SVN, Microsoft Office, Python


Project Description

Onmyoji: The Card Game is an exquisite Japanese-style duel card game. As a youkai, choose four from more than 120 different Shikigami and build your own deck, power up your Shikigami during the combat, and enjoy a fair and thrilling duel with brand-new original rules. Links: Official Website / Steam / Google Play / AppStore



  • System and Feature Design: I was responsible for designing some game experience systems and features.

  • Gameplay Script (Python): I was responsible for writing some scripts to enhance the player experience of some UI-related functions.

  • Tablet Platform Adaptation: I was responsible for adapting the application to tablet platforms, conducting multiple iterations of gameplay testing, identifying adaptation issues that needed to be addressed, and proposing solutions.

  • Narrative Material Writing: Based on the character setting and the effect of the card game, I named some of the cards. I also wrote some narrative reference materials to help artists create card illustrations.


More Information

Please see the official website.

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