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About me

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Facts about me

  1. I am a technical designer.

  2. I can do coding and animating.

  3. Combat designer, Sakura Studio also known as Ouka Studio, a console game studio from NetEase Games (2020 ~ 2021).

  4. Obtained the Master of Entertainment Arts and Engineering degree at the University of Utah in May 2023.

  5. Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

  6. Experience with C#, C++, Python, Unity, Unreal, Maya, Excel, and more.

For more information, please check the resume

As a designer, I ...

  1. I believe that, just like player progression, designers should keep making progress too.

  2. I always remember that the ultimate goal of game design is to bring players an excellent gaming experience.

  3. Personally, I hope to make games that can positively impact players' lives.

  4. I am committed to bringing players a flawless audiovisual and interactive experience.

  5. I'm good at thinking about problems from different perspectives and am happy to use different techniques and approaches to solve problems.


My story

I was born in Beijing, China. When I was in elementary school, I once went through a transfer, and as a transfer student, it was difficult for me to make friends. Until I brought a stack of cards to the class and sparked a Yu-Gi-Oh! craze in school, which made me one of the most influential people among the students. That's the moment I realized that games could bring me friends. Later, I had a PSP and it became one of my main ways to look at different cultures. Many games touched my heart, like FF7CC was the first game that moved me so much that made me cry. My life has been changed a lot by games.

I have never stopped playing since then. But sometimes I also watch Japanese anime, and movies, and listen to indie music.

A few years later, I played God of War (PS4). That game taught me a father's perspective and inspired me to resolve my years-long problematic relationship with my dad. Having played many games, I noticed how flawless the experience and many innovative designs (especially the amazing one-shot camera) of God of War were, plus the positive influence on my personal life. From the day my dad and I were reconciled, I dreamed that I would be able to make games just like this - high quality, innovative, and positively impacting the lives of players.

So, I chose to join the video game industry.

If I make a game that can bring fun to players, make new friends for them, touch their hearts, improve their relationships, or even make just a little change that makes their lives better, I will recognize my dream is coming true.


More about me

Favorite game?

If I can only choose one, of course, it is God of War!

But more broadly, the genres of games I play are very diverse. But the genres I spend the most time on include ACT, ARPG, FPS, card games, and music games. In addition to this, I also play a lot of different types of games, even those that can't be categorized as traditional genres.

Favorite game list:


God of War, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Elden Ring, Marvel Spider-Man, Sifu, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, For Honor, Super Smash Bros., Naraka: Bladepoint...


Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, Apex Legend, Far Cry 5/6, Overwatch, Portal, Mirror's Edge, PUBG...

Card game:

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hearthstone, Shadowverse, Onmyoji the card game, Slay the Spire, Inscryption...

Music Game:

OSU!, Beat Saber...

(Updated in October 2022)

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